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Hi Everyone! I know, this is already my 2nd posting in a month (let alone this year). No, the planets did not line up...no pigs are not flying outside your window, Carlos :-)
Just wanted to make sure that the friends I cherish the most are invited to something special.
It has been a few years since Rol & I were at a public venue. We did a lot of corporate & private gigs...even one at Paramount Studios, whoa...but nothing that we could invite friends and family to attend. Well, finally, we can:
"Roland & Adriane - Piano & Vocal Duo"
Jazz-Pop-Motown-Contemporary Standards-R&B
Now Appearin Saturday Nights
June & July 2007
8:00pm - 12:00am
Ristorante Italiano & Lounge
30100 Town Center Drive
Laguna Niguel, California 92677
Reservations: (949) 495-4795

Dinner reservations required - Walk-in Lounge
Mention "Roland & Adriane" when making reservations
See you there!
This place is amazing and very inviting...velvety gorgeousness, Italian deliciousness, sunken couches, what are you waiting for? Ci vediamo a presto! (see you soon) Ciao! xo
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So what you're saying is first, I type my login name...and THEN the password...THEN press enter? Whoa. "See the pretty girl in that mirror there...(what mirror? where?)...who can that DISTRACTED girl be...(which? what? where? whom?)..." Oh, dear...there I go again...

I never get 2 minutes in front of a computer except to pay bills. It's nice to grab a cup (okay, 5 cups) of Dutch coffee and FINALLY frickin' login to LJ (this one's for you Carlos). I am so sad that we are rounding the corner of final weekend. I have had an amazing, exhausting and enlightening time. Like many of you have said, some stuff good...other stuff, not so much. Overall, though, a huge eye-opening experience - and that's always good.

Right then, well, that's all the time I have for now (crap) but I will be logging on much more in the future (Carlos, don't hold your breath). 'Cause I can already feel myself missing everyone. Single tear. You all had me at huzzah...and I'm talking WAAAAAY back in 1990 huzzah. Please don't try to do the math, you'll hurt yourself...yes, I'm that old.
Love-Love-Love, Ciao
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West Side Story
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"THE NUDGING SONG(E-mails Roasting Up My In Box)"
[An original parody from my heart to yours to the tune of "The Christmas Song(Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)"

Thanks for nudging me on L.J...
To all my friends I hold so dear
With each nudge it reminds me that I-I-I've
Not made one entry all year

Everybody knows how much I cherish all of you
Our friendships grow year after year
My in-box...is always a glow
With "What's up? Where are you? Let us hear!"

I know it's aaaaaalmost New Year's Eve
We'll soon be drinking champagne and crying on our sleeves
But I feel it's not too late to let you know
That with each nudge you make my heart all a-glow

And so I'm offering apologizes
For never posting (or reading, or responding, ) this L-J year
Although it's been said many times, many ways...
Thanks for nudging...
Thanks for nudging...
Thank you all for for nudging...me...here!

You just knew it was going to be a song!
With much love from your favorite "stealth" LJ member,
Have a wonderful Christmas & Happy Healthy New Year celebration
Here's to all of us for a great 2007!
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OK, nobody faint...I am finally posting today in celebration of my birthday! Also in celebration of so many wonderful friends and nudge-nicks (said with love) who have made this day , and every other day, so special! Since coming back to Faire, I have enjoyed making spectacular new friends and re-connecting with great old friends from back-in-the-DAY! You have all made me feel so welcome and warm (and, yes, even fuzzy at times) that I want to say thank you to everyone. Because... next to the birth of my daughter and the love of my husband, you're friendship and love is the greatest gift a I could ever receive - no wrapping required! OK, could someone cue the music 'cause I feel a song coming on...(oh no there she goes...there she goes again!):
"...the greatest lo-o-o-ove of A-A-A-ALLLL...(insert chin tremble *here*)" (thank you, Whitney)
But wait! There's More! Act now and you'll get the bonus track:
"...(Stevie Wonder harmonica )...keep smiling, keep shining...knowing you can always count on me, for sure,that's what friends are for..."

I know, I know, youz guyz don't have to say it...I've cracked...

And now...back to packing, sewing, cleaning, shopping and packing some more for Bristol Faire this weekend! ('Cause ya know what happens in Kenosha, Stays in Kenosha...Wisconsin, baby!!!) xoxoxo Adriane
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OK...so I'm not sure my first entry made it onto my journal, so I am trying again. Give a shout out if you recognize the following phrases:

"Sind' na pisca send' ma vraze calle ne mosca falle ne vind' pind'"
"Is that a dagger I see before me, buddy?"

Rock on!
- Adriane

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Viva Venezia & Faraualla!
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OK...so...it's about time I signed up for this thing. Great fun reading everyone's entries.
So, now I'm looking for a few good freinds...are y'all out there?
- Adriane
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Laguna Beach
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Yes, please!
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